Good Relationship

You know, I love to talk with people. I love to hear team's feedbacks.


I love to make new things with combining different methods with each other

solution provider

Trying to provide the best solution for problems.


I think one of the most important parts of the project is responding to your customer

About me

Born in Karaj and live there too. Studying Software Engineering and Intrested in Web programming. Looking for new job opportunity

Why Choose me?

  • Looking for new solutions
  • Using latest techs
  • Good Relationship
  • Doing projects in short time
  • Creative ways to solving problems
  • Responsibility


Here are things that I'm working with and I'll help you to make your projects


I'm using Node.js as main framework for my projects. Kinna it's easy to work with.


Giving the pages more speed


I use js language for optimizing UI also as server side language


I use Bootstrap as framework for my projects


Working on front-end with css3

html 5

Also html 5 as main structure

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